To date, quite a few companies in their work use free mailboxes. For example, on,,, etc

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But due to constant hacking of correspondence and massive advertising from all sides, the question of privacy of personal mail and the convenience of its use becomes urgent. You probably noticed that many free email services add advertising at the end of your letter. Of course, this is not solid at all and hinders to maintain the high professional level of the company. Moreover, using free mailboxes, you may encounter unavailability of your mail at the right time due to the "fall" of mail servers or the authorities' restriction of access to one or another popular mail service. In addition, there is another important aspect - you have to choose the name of the box from the remaining ones. Often, all the respectable names have long been occupied .... Also, it is not uncommon for a single mailbox to be used by several employees, which reduces confidentiality and convenience to zero.

Organizing for you a corporate (domain) mail service, we help you to use e-mail as efficiently as possible. Our team performs all kinds of work, starting from a common organization (if necessary, domain registration), setting up corporate mail, preparing mail servers and ending with user settings of the mail programs themselves.

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